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Migraine is a severe type of headache. Migraine may be accompanied by sound, light, smell sensitivity. The pain can cover half or both sides of the head and can be exacerbated by movement. It is mostly throbbing. If there is a family member with migraine, the incidence of other individuals increases. Many causes such as hunger, menstruation, strong odor, some foods, more or less sleep, and weather changes can trigger the pain. Some people develop short-term symptoms such as seeing bright light before the pain, numbness in the body, slowing down in speech, and these findings are called “migraine aura. If pain attacks occur more than 3-4 times a month, preventive treatment can be initiated by the physician, not just painkillers.

Tension type headache

In this type of headache, our patients often refer to a pain that surrounds their head like a band. The pain is mild or moderate and rarely exacerbates. Nausea and light sensitivity are not observed. Pain can sometimes last for days. The pain may be accompanied by neck and back pain. Excessive fatigue, stress, depression, bad posture can cause the pain. If pain occurs regularly, preventive treatment may be recommended by the physician.

Cluster Headache

Seasonal changes such as spring and autumn can trigger this type of headache. It manifests itself as a severe, one sided pain, commonly around one eye.  It can last for 15 minutes to 3 hours. Simultaneous swelling of the same sided eyelid an/or redness of the eye, discharge or blockage of the same sided nostril may occur. Pain usually occurs at certain times of the day. Sometimes it can occur several times a day. This type of pain often resolves rapidly by inhaling oxygen. Your doctor may start preventive treatment when the cluster headache period begins.